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Super MIC B12 Review

Loved this B-12 as it helped me a ton with boosting my energy in the morning (I’m not a morning person haha) and also helped curb my appetite in the AM throughout lunch. I noticed I wasn’t looking for snacks all day at my desk, plus I could tell it helped with my mood as well. Nothing but positives for this product.

by Drea M., Chandler, Arizona
Super MIC B12 Review

Already placed my second order. It gives me energy and makes me feel great. Highly recommend!

by Susan M., Aston, Pennsylvania
B12 Lipotropic Shots Reviews

5 Star - I've been taking MIC B12 oral for about 3 weeks. First thing in the morning every 4 days. The biggest notice is the energy it gives me. I have stopped eating sugar and have not craved it at all. I highly recommend you try it.

by Cheryl M., Denver, Colorado
B12 Lipotropic Shots Reviews

I've been using SUPER MIC B12 for almost one month now. The flavor is decent and the results are better than I imagined. SUPER MIC B12 provides me with energy during the day and also reduces hunger. I've lost a couple of lbs already. Will buy again.

by Al A., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Super MIC-B12+ Review

Super MIC-B12+ is a wonder supplement! I just finished my first bottle and feel GREAT! I noticed an immediate difference in my energy from the very first taste. After the first week, I noticed a difference in my stomach and hip area and am now looking and feeling great!

by Debbie S., Woodinville, Washington