Protect & Care Yourself from Catching Coronavirus – Tips by Super MIC B12

Protect & Care Yourself from Catching Coronavirus - Tips by Super MIC B12

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has declared the Coronavirus a pandemic and everyone is afraid of being caught by it. Since the world is home quarantined due to the spread of coronavirus virus disease(COVID-19). Many countries are trying their best to overcome the coronavirus outbreak.

But do you know we all can change the course of a pandemic by following a few simple steps?

Super MIC B12 is here to help and list out ways through which we can protect & care ourselves along with people around us from catching Coronavirus. Follow the steps listed below to stay alert & safe while preventing the spread of Covid-19:

      1. Wash your hands frequently – Clean your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand rub(sanitizer) It will kill the virus that sits on your hands.
      2. Avoid touching your face(eyes, mouth & nose) – Hands touch many surfaces & can pick up the virus, transfer it to eyes, nose & mouth and from here it can travel inside the body to make you sick.
      3. Seek medical help now if you have fever, cough & difficulty in breathing – Asking for medical attention at the early stage can help it cure and can stop the virus from spreading. Stay at home while you are feeling sick.
      4. Maintain Distance – Maintain at least 3 feet distance from the people sneezing & coughing. If you are hanging around the people make sure to maintain distance, you might inhale the virus if the person sneezing & coughing has coronavirus.
      5. Stay updated & maintain hygiene – Make sure to stay updated on the genuine news & reports about coronavirus disease. Maintain hygiene by covering your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. It will help you and people around you stay clean from catching the virus.

Our team of Super MIC B12 is here for their customers, wanting to provide them the comfort and right health care. Our concern for the pandemic & the people who are quarantined needs support and protection. While all the people who are scared and confused, just follow the simple steps to keep your environment & yourself free from catching the virus. Stay safe and healthy.

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