B12 Injections Vs. B12 MIC Oral Shot

B12 Injections Vs. B12 MIC Oral Shot

The debate continues…

With so many different types of vitamin B12 supplement accessible in the market, it is extremely essential for us to understand which is more effective and satisfies the necessity. We have always seen the argument between B12 injections and B12 MIC Oral shots. It is a common belief that B12 MIC Injections are the best since they are available in the market the longest. But, is it true?


First, as far as absorption and effectiveness are concerned, oral shots provide better absorbability than B12 Injections. Which means you get the effects faster and the results quicker.

Second, oral vitamin b shots can be taken at home without a doctor’s prescription, whereas for injections it is not possible. In fact, some of the mic lipotropic b12 oral reviews by customers revealed that they are painful and leaves side effects.

Another one is, the cost when you talk about it, Lipo B Shots are economical compared to MIC Lipotropic injections, as to have injections by a doctor significantly adds to the cost, making them more unaffordable.

To name a few, these were the most important benefits of oral shots, looking by them we can definitely say that Super MIC B12 Oral Shots saves a lot of money, time and efforts to combat an advanced B12 deficiency. Don’t wait now, go and give them a try!

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